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Digital marketing, even more so in recent years, has become an essential strategy for all businesses. So, knowing how digital marketing helps to grow business is important knowledge for any company – it's like not knowing the off-side rule! There are many advantages to growing your business through digital marketing, here are the top three benefits as well as our guide on how to kick off your digital marketing game – ready, set, go!

1. Mass reach

2. Brand awareness

3. Engagement

The Brief – Determining how often you should update your website
Golf Betting Club is a leading golf tipping site. The website had originally been built through website templates and do-it-yourself prototype structures. We worked with the client to discover what problems they were having with their current website, how they would like to develop the site in order to reach new audiences and how the new build would respond to their current audiences needs and behaviours.

There are so many advantages to having a strong website. A website that not only looks and feels good but visually represents your brand can drastically improve your businesses presence. It’s likely you already know this. But what you might not realise, is that it not only matters what your website looks like but how it is built.

We are going to explore the benefits of using a professional website builder as opposed to self-building.

Rhys Welsh Web Design specialise in Mura web development in Cardiff. Having been working with various CMS for many years, we can work with everything from simple websites to complex web systems.

We believe the Mura CMS is perfect for organisations of any size. Whether you are a small business, start-up or enterprise, our Mura CMS developers in Cardiff can work with you to build a custom solution.

Customer ex ROI

Customer experience in the digital world is evolving constantly. That’s why marketers should keep up with the latest trends in customer experience. In fact, Enhancing and personalising customer experience is the biggest priority for more than 55% of businesses.

Businesses with a good digital customer experience (CX) can expect to charge a premium of up to 25% on their offerings. However, a poor CX can put off customers.

great web design brief

You want a new website, and your web design Cardiff agency will ask for a project brief even to be able to provide a quote. Your website brief is the starting point that will pave the way for the creative process from there on.

Here are some questions to ask to be able to create a good web design brief.

Driving quality traffic to your website is wonderful. However, it’s of no use if that traffic does not convert.

As a matter of fact, about 96% of visitors coming to a website are not ready to make a purchase. This means that you must leave no stone unturned to impress your visitors, improve engagement and create trust.

Here are 5 new features you can add to your website to help convert visitors.

In late September 2015, a Google employee discovered that the Google domain was available for sale. He purchased the domain to see if it really was possible to buy that domain. Although he remained the owner for all of 5 minutes, this story goes to show the importance of renewing your domain on time.

At Rhys Welsh Web Design Cardiff, we highly recommend that you set your domain names to auto-renew. Here are 5 good reasons to do so.

 No matter the size of your business, if you are looking to grow your revenue, you must grow your website and your social network presence.

Having a website is not enough. You need an active online presence if you want to see your sales grow.

Here are 10 reasons why you must grow your website and social media presence.

Cyber attacks and website attacks are on the rise. The need for website security is higher than ever before. Hacking poses a huge threat to your business. That’s why it’s important to secure your site and the data it contains.

In this post, we explore five reasons why you shouldn’t ignore website security.

Looking to reduce the number of abandoned baskets on your online store? It’s not easy to see a customer reach the shopping cart only to abandon it. However, all’s not lost. There are some proven techniques you can leverage to lower your site’s cart abandonment rate without completely redesigning your online shop.

You must have come across the words ‘HTTP and ‘HTTPS’ at some point or another. You must have seen the green padlock on your Internet browser. This lock signifies an HTTPS protocol.

So why do some website URLs begin with HTTP and some with HTTPS?

This is a common question many clients ask during their initial consultation with our web development Cardiff agency.

People take less than a millisecond to form an opinion about the websites they land on. And when it comes to your online presence, first impressions mean everything. The first impression you create with your website depends on a variety of factors including structure, spacing, font, symmetry, amount of text and more.

So why is it important to make the right first impression on your website visitors? Let’s take a look.

You know that content is the most important part of any digital marketing strategy. Be it your social media presence or your blog, content is critical. Coming up with content is a top priority for you. Week after week, you promise yourself to make social media for your business, only to end up forgetting it.

Many times, coming up with content ideas can really slow you down and it’s easy to forget it. Here are some fantastic content ideas for your social media posts.

You just met with a website designer and came out of the meeting confused. You thought the web designer was speaking an entirely new language.

Of course, that doesn’t have to be the case. A web design Cardiff expert can speak English too, but sometimes we can’t avoid the use of jargon. In this post, I explain some of the common phrases used by website designers.

A knowledge of these phrases will ensure you can make the most of your meeting with a web development Cardiff expert.

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