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Design Client: Cello Gathering

The website was for a worldwide cello course company run by some well known cellist players. The client was not satisfied with previous website company and decided to start again.

The design was targeting a specific audience and key features had to be put in place. Various functions include a fully managed system fir the client and a homepage slideshow


Website Design Project: Calon Rhiwbeina

The Website Design Brief

A new local business based in Rhiwbina, Cardiff setting up a womens boutique wanted to educate visitors on the type of clothing they provide and their contact details.

The website was created to attract the target audience and provide Element Selectioninteresting images of products

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Website Client: Zenith Construction

The site design brief

Having had issues with their previous website company, a new concept was required to represent their business and evergrowing portfolio. Following the website the client required stationary designs ready for print.

The Final Product

The design uses an angled framework to give a 'construction' style, used in conjunction with the strong branding colours. Other features include a thumbnail gallery to showcase their latest work.

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Web Design Client: Whitchurch Golf Club

Design Brief

One of Wales's most prestigious golf courses required a new website to match their high profile. The club required a content management system so they can update their site with the constant tournaments and social events

The Website

The website design had a huge range of functions and sections. Members could now log in an access registered only pages. A calendar section allows the administrator to manage events which show visitors what was happening at any point in the year. Other features include a members directory, galleries and a hole by hole guide.

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Plastering Company

The Website Brief

A local tradesman working in the South Wales area required a website for their business. Having being reccomended by another client a meeting was arranged to outline thier requirements

Web Design

A striking image was used to instantly inform visitors of the services provided. As a growing business

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Website Design Client: KG Roofing and Building

Design Brief

Having worked with the London based company director before he was confident to all the design would be developed to his taste. The requirement was to create a new brochure website design to represent his new business

The website

Looking for a professional look and feel, and a system allows the customer to add and edit pages instantly, perfect for a growing business. The slideshow, focus boxes and angled design helped provide an enhaced user experience.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

 What the client said...

"Once again, thank you for creating yet another masterpiece."



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Web Design Client: Little Casino Company

The Brief

The client had previously purchased the company and decided they were in need of a new look as the old website was targetting the wrong audience.

The Design

Capturing the thrill and excitement of casinos a concept was created to instantly impress visitors. This was enhanced by the use of a slideshow and drop down menus. The design encoraged the company to get their unique selling points across in the form of a mission statement

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"I worked with Rhys to design a web site for our Fun Casino Company. I was keen to work with a local Cardiff designer and Rhys offered great advice and a personal level of service that stands him apart from many others. Traffic to our sight is continuing to increase and Rhys has even worked on making improvements after the launch. I will continue to work with Rhys on the developement of this and other sites in the future."



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Design Client: TerraBella

Design Brief

The business sell a range of top end gems and jewellery for consumers. The client had previously abandoned a project with another website company, as they were not happy with the results and in particular the overall first impression. The new website had to sell their products in a professional and eye catching manner

The Online Shop

a complete new brand and overhaul, together with a new shop system provided visitors the availability to puchase products and pay online. Imagery was a key influencer for visitors and this played a key role in the design. Multiple slideshows and galleries were applied to the design.

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Design Client: A Fine Line

View the embedded image gallery online at:

The Brief

Create an online brochure website allowing the client to approach big american film production companies. The idea is when the client visits their website they will be impressed by their company and portfolio.

The Design

A concept was developed to compliment the film industry but allow the client to understand the level of expertise they have. In this case the stunning images of the design clients work were used - certain images were used to make it obvious the services are being offered. For example the opening images shows a lovely film set piece quite obviously on a film set. As you explore more of the site the various sections help confirm the company know what they are doing. The system built allows our client update their site instantly.



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 Web Design websites cardiff



Understanding your Buisness Cardiff Websites

1. Understanding your business

The idea is to find out as much information about your business or organisation, as well as establish the objectives. Target audience is a key area so it is important to understand who the website will be used by. For example the objectives of the site may include raising the profile, help generate leads or provide an effective information resource for users.
Each business is different and has unique selling points, its important that all information is gathered to ensure we go in the correct direction of the project.
This can be achieved in a number of ways either in person, phonecall, skype or email - whatever works best for you.
Design Research Cardiff Websites

2. Design Research

A considerable time is spent looking at competition within your industry, and looking for inspiration from other websites and projects.

Finding the correct image for your business is vital part of the project and first impression for users - time is allocated for this reason. As a strong believer in planning, your concept will be mapped out from start to finish always working to the next stage to ensure a prompt delivery.

Design research is generally work that is carried out behind the scenes in order to achieve the next stage.





Concept Development Cardiff Websites

3. Concept Development

A bespoke design will be developed and presented for you to use as your online presence.

It is important to get the correct design as it will be judged by your target audience, and help generate leads for you.

Each concept is a custom design and never a ‘template’, I believe forcing a company in to an ‘off the shelf’ template doesn’t work - or more importantly, have the desired impression on users.




Concept Presentation Cardiff Websites

4. Concept presentation

You can expect to see the concept in a pdf format.
Any changes will be made or remade until you are 100% happy with the proposed design layout

The idea is to get a concept that you are happy for it to represent your business, so any changes will be made as requested - once the design is signed off it will be built in to a web format for you.




Building of Web Structure Cardiff Websites

5. Building of Web Structure

Once the design is signed off the web build will begin, transferring a graphic concept in to a fully functional web format.

All structural parts, navigation and images will be applied at this stage, ready for content to be applied at a later stage.





Hosting of Web Files Cardiff Websites

6. Hosting of Website Files

The website needs to be hosted in order for people to access your website.
All files are usually uploaded to a dedicated server which are secured in a data centre based in one of the leading hosting companies in the UK
For more information please go to:



Brower Functionality Testing Cardiff Websites


7. Browser and Functionality Testing

The site will be tested in various browsers and functionality will be checked for usability.

This is to ensure the user experience is positive.





Population of Content Functionality Testing Cardiff Websites

8. Population of Content and Functionality

The content provided for the site will be applied to all the individual pages.

The options are your text and images can be provided by yourself or this can be arranged for you (at an additional cost).

The site will be set up, so it will be in a position for you to take a look.

This way you can experience the initial impression with all aspects in place.





Snagging Revisions Cardiff Websites

9. Snagging & Revisions

At this stage the website is presented to you before going live.

You can expect to have a temporary link for you to view the website on your computer.

The site can be checked and you can confirm before we go live to the public.






Go Live search engine notifications Cardiff Websites

10. Go live and search engine notifications

Once the website goes live, Google will be notified by a number of signals.

This will be put in place prior to going live - to speed up the process for google to find your website and in turn help users using search engines






Web Tracking Cardiff Websites

11. Website Tracking

Websites will be tracked, and many detailed statistics about your website's traffic and sources can be accessed at any point.

These stats can include visitors, visitor locations, time spent on site, flow of pages visited and much more.

The idea of tracking is so you can instantly monitor the websites performance and use this data to help with your websites progression.





Security Installation Cardiff Websites

12. Security installation

As well as the already provided hosting security and support, additional measures are provided and your site is applied with a 3rd party security scanner that observes the site every 3 hours, and will fix any issues if they are to arise.
This is for peace of mind for my clients, for more information please see:

More information on security for our websites >




Ongiong Maintenance Support Cardiff Websites

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Looking for ongoing relationships there are may options available for your website, as your business grows so should your website.

There are a range of options available but always happy to assist clients with any queries.

Find out more about our website maintenance plans






#PutYourPantsOnYourHead #HelpHollie



Help Hollie Campaign - "Pants on your Head"

charity-web-design-cardiffA family based in Cardiff received some bad news, as their 9 year old daughter had been diagnosed with a rare case leukemia, and desperately needed a bone marrow donor match
  -  After some guidance I created a brand and website in order to increase the chances of finding a match

The ultimate aim of the website was to promote the increase in bone marrow donors.  Some people never find a match and others can wait years...

the '#Pantsonhead' campaign was born. The story starts when the Hollie's uncle put his pants on his head to cheer her up. The campaign raised awareness by encouraging the public to take a photo of themselves wearing their pants on their head and post it on twitter!

The campaign was unique, attention grabbing and with the success many celebrities and sporting legends got involved

The new website helped promote their campaign, along with their social networks and determined/persistant family members.The website had a range of pages and the more popular being the gallery page of the huge list of stars, friends and family.

To name a few..

  • Gareth Bale - International Footballer (Real Madrid)
  • Sam Warburton - Lions Captain
  • Geraint Thomas -Olympic gold medalist

View the embedded image gallery online at:

The goal of the website was to find a donor, the campaign hit newspapers, news broadcasts and even was the highest trending keyword in Spain! (thanks to Gareth Bale).

As of July 11th, a donor was found as well as increasing the bone marrow database of donors

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 10.43.12

Below are just a small number of celebrities and sporting icons that were involved with the campaign

The campaign was so big it reached

  • 160 Countries
  • Over 11,500 Visitors
  • Over 27,500 Page visitors

…and counting

The exposure was unbelievable, being featured on the BBC evening news, newspapers and shared all across many social networks…etc

However the aim of the campaign was to encourage donor registration, and in turn increase the chances of Hollie's match being found. Amazingly the number of donors increased dramatically

  • In Wales, between 12 June and 23 June, a 2,580% increase in online registrations.
    In terms of web visits, a 1,530% increase  compared to  the same period last year
  • In Cardiff between 12 June and 23 June, a 2,600% increase in online registrations.
    In terms of web visits in Cardiff, a 2,250% increase compared to the same period last year
  • In the UK, between 12 June and 23 June, a 170% in online registrations compared to last year


More Media...


A lot earlier than first anticipated and a few weeks on Hollie had the news all her family and friends had been looking for.

Hollie found her match. This increased her chances of survival and in the journey increased everyone else's in the same condition. The campaign achieved what they set out to do! and in a very short space of time.


With her treatment and despite the huge efforts to find a match Hollie sadly passed away

The funeral as expected had a huge turnout, and it was quickly established that the family wanted to continue the legacy that Hollie had left and immediately started raising money for Anthony Nolan trust to help others like Hollie.


24 Hour Spin Event

spin charity eventHelp Hollie introducing an event to raise awareness and money for their chosen charity (Anthony Nolan)

The website evolved dramatically, including the content and the look and feel - The site needed a Christmas feel and required an online booking system so volunteers can book their slot ready for the event. The event created by Hollie's parents involved a '24 hour spin bike ride'.

Volenteers would take turn to make sure the bikes wheels would move 24 hours non stop.

Volenteers would book online and take it in turn to have their go (30 minute slots) - and get sponsored along the way. Despite the early hour and late night slots unbelievably 2 bikes were fully booked in just over 24 hours (thats 96 slots/people)
At this point more bikes were then introduced!

The charity event raised a staggering £18,000 (and counting) for Anthony Nolan Trust, and also other events were created such as the 'Penybont to Paris bike ride' and a 'ball' to raise awareness. The amount is set to increase with the introduction of new events

I anticipate the legacy that Hollie and her parents had begun will continue for a very long time. Her family were an inspiration and was amazed by their huge driving force and people power to to really give Hollie a chance

I very much enjoyed working on this charity project for a local campaign, despite Hollie not being with us today, it was a great cause - and was a website project that I will never forget.




Web Security for websites cardiff

We Are Protected by Sucuri

“We will offer website owners the most concise security resource on the web for the security of their website[s].”

The security put in place on every website is not restricted by traditional boundaries, employing the brightest security analysts around the world. Each brings a unique perspective to your case.

Providing you support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 19.06.23 

This security is in addition to the security provided by the hosting support

Malware Detection

  • Drive by Download injections
  • Pharmaceutical Hack
  • Backdoor Injections
  • Defacements / Phishing

Malware Removal and Cleanup

  • Cleanup Service - additional cost may be applicable, ask for details
  • Full core files and database remediation
  • Profesional and specialised remediation

Website Blacklist Removal and Repair

  • Avoid ‘This site may be compromised! This site is hacked!’
  • Avoid ‘Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer!”
  • Supporting Google, Bing, Yahoo and Desktop AntiVirus'

Security Monitoring

  • Continuous Malware / Non-Malware Monitoring
  • Continuous Security State Monitoring
  • Immediate notifications  in the event of an incident




Want to find out some more about this protection?

Feel free to download the pdf's below and watch the videos to understand what measures are in place for your website

Website Monitoring & Threat Detection (pdf)

What is Sucuri? Website Protection? (pdf)

Help prevent DDOS Attacks...

Find out in more detail -What is Sucuri DDoS Protection? (pdf)

More videos you may be intereted in...


The client is an online business offering nutritional supplements that promote fitness and wellbeing. The website was also expected to work hard to educating the visitors in the potential benefits of the supplements and hence had to be extremely informative without being arcane. I welcomed the opportunity of building an e-commerce site because this would definitely be a feather in the cap in my career as a freelance designer Cardiff.

The Client

The client is in the business of supplying fitness supplements that increase the level of oxygen in the bloodstream, a process that yielded several benefits such as increased levels of energy, improvement in the breathing function, nutrient absorption as well as mental focus and alertness levels.
A regular consumption of the supplements also aided removal of free radicals, heart rate reduction, injury recovery, and increase in quality of blood, as well as improvement of the functioning of the bodily immune system.

Design Challenges

The biggest challenge of the website design was to look completely professional as this needed to appear scientific and grounded on rationality. Due to the nature of the subject, it was decided to stay away from the hype and the hoopla that was typically associated with products that promised the world but had little scientific basis to their claims.
Information was required to be presented logically and in an uncomplicated manner so as to be easily understood by common people who were concerned about their health and fitness.

Project implementation

Information provided by the client was logically sorted out in terms of what customers were most likely to be seeking. As a result, the home page had clickable buttons that lead them to pages dealing with the benefits of the products separately for fitness and wellbeing.

Individual pages were dedicated to each of the products and provided the details of the expected benefits accruing to the customers. This made it easy for them to select the most appropriate product for their individual needs. The e-commerce page was very simply laid out to prevent any buyer confusion.

Colour Schemes and Page Layouts

The page layouts were executed be an extension of the brand personality. The primary benefits we all listed upfront in easy-to-read fonts and language with an image of the relevant product. It was immensely gratifying that I, as a freelance designer Cardiff, was able to make the client appreciate the design approach. I am happy to report that the results were extremely satisfying and did justice to my reputation as a leading freelance designer Cardiff.


The request for development of a website for a personal trainer specialising in fitness for women who are planning to have babies or who are in the post-natal stage was an absolutely new territory for me even with my considerable experience as a web designer Cardiff. I am so glad that I was able to demonstrate a complete understanding of the client requirements as well as customer sensitivity in a subject that is completely personal.

The Client

The client is a qualified fitness professional and instructor for first aid administration. She is also a fully-insured member of the apex UK body, Register of Exercise Professionals. The client conducts fitness classes for mothers and babies, gym and juniors, core regain and blast, suspension training, body-tone, meta-hit, MMA for fitness as well as yoga for mothers. The target audience of the website is all women who are concerned about their general health and fitness levels before, during and after bearing children.

Design Challenges

The prime audience of the website comprised mothers-to-be and mothers who were likely to be seriously preoccupied with other issues that normally occur in households with expecting mother, newly-born or very young children. Accordingly, the design principles needed to revolve around easy page loading, simple layouts, and logical flow of information that addresses all the fundamental information requests in an intuitive manner.

Designing the Site

The site design incorporated attractive images and basic text that captures all the essential points of each service offer. The home page is an attractive medley of images that are selected to be attention grabbing and arousing interest about the website contents. All pages thereafter have been kept minimalist with the accent on delivery of vital information encapsulated as briefly as possible.

Accent on functionality

Pages are designed to load faster with restricted use of images. Images were carefully selected keeping the fitness and children environment in mind. The accent was on making the pages look very professional by keeping them simple and uncluttered. Each page is provided with a response device that makes it easy for interested customers to quickly send out an enquiry to the business owner.

Proper Information Structuring

As a leading web designer Cardiff, it was a challenge to properly classify the many activities and areas of expertise of the client without ending up confusing the website visitor. The home page itself features the various selections possible so that visitors with limited time on their hands do not have to read the entire contents of the website to figure out the various service offers. To add to the credibility factor of the clients a separate page has been dedicated to news.
While this not only demonstrates the commitment of the client to stay abreast of the developments and trends in the fitness industry, it also presents a warm and welcoming personality of the client to attract future business. I consider this website as one of the prominent success stories in my career as a web designer Cardiff.


The best part about being a web desig company in Cardiff is that you get to collaborate and work with some interesting clients for their web designing projects. It is always an interesting experience to understand a client and identify what he wants or how he wants to portray his business through web design. A website is pretty much a must in today’s time. You cannot thrive in the world of business which is largely digital today without a good web marketing and web design scheme. For Cardiff Aesthetics, here’s how I worked things out,

Why the Pretty Faces!

Well, Cardiff Aesthetics in simple terms makes you pretty! How else can a new reader online figure that out within seconds of reaching the website? Sure, the name is a dead giveaway but when it comes to selling a service or product – if you like what you see, you’ll be eager to go in for it, wouldn’t you? That’s why the home page has pretty images of people with well placed content that leads you to the other sections.

Blue Soothes

The content theme is blue or black in most places. Blue soothes. When it comes to aesthetics or cosmetic related surgeries– your content or site should soothe the client not scare them away. Everyone who has gone through improvement surgery will have their moments of doubt. So, I chose blue to go about things. Not only do the pretty faces welcome more people, the blue content helps make them read more about the services!

Why is Simple Essential

Every company will sport a website today. It is important not only to focus on making your website stand out, but also to make it work for you. A simple website where the content is well placed and the overall layout easy to access will win more clients over.
The more complicated the site gets, the faster a potential reader will ditch it and move onto the next site available. This is why the plain simple white background and bluish font became the overall theme of the website. It looks simple, makes the images of the clients or treatments stand out while also ensuring readers have a good feel when reading it.

What the Focus Was

You may want to change the way you look or fix something about you to feel good on the whole. Treatments offered by Cardiff Aesthetics helps clients achieve that. The focus on the site is on  what ‘better’ the company can do for you. This is why I focused on the Home Visits, the Treatment Description and related information on the first page itself.

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