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As a professional web designer the focus is always on finding clients and aligning my ideas with theirs. Every client has a general idea of what they want when it comes to their website or how they want it to generally look. If a web designer in Cardiff cannot understand the core of what a client aims to portray online through his or her website, then no design will be good enough. It’s all about focusing on the right overall theme, colour scheme, content, image placement or overall layout. So this is what I did for Video Productions company.

How the Theme Came About

Every company or business owner would have an overall objective or theme they want to portray for their company. For instance, some brands may want to be considered youthful while others would like a more mature image. The image is portrayed accordingly by designers via online content or print media. As a web designer company, I sat with my design client, understood their core goal and image and thought of using pictures to highlight their essence. The overall theme is image based because a production company essentially deals in images and videos. The home page itself showcases client’s portfolio – a great way for a new potential client to immediately see what Crackling Productions is all about.

Why it Looks Different?

Most websites have the Home, About Us, Who we Are and other similar sections. As a designer I can easily play around with this. While I obviously couldn’t disregard these sections, I didn’t make it the first thing you see on visiting the page. That is because, what the company does should come out as soon as you visit the site. It saves time and focusing on images and keeping the tabs up on the corner made sense here.

The Focus on Functionality

If you add too much on your website, it becomes harder to manoeuvre and read everything. The website should be functional and easy to read. Even with a quick glance, you can see how easy it is to skim through the services the production company offers and what they do.

Colour and Content

White and black are the basic colours to keep content simple. It helps to play around with image and image quality but when it comes to the site content, the size and its layout should be planned smartly. The Video Productions website’s home page sports a simple black and white content colour. This makes it easy to read. The sub sections too have the same colour coding with variation of font and shades to go with what is being said on the page.

Image Quality

As the cardiff designer working on this, the quality of the images for the production company website had to be at it best. The challenge was in placing good quality images at the right places to showcase the core services. This is why you will find that the images become the main focus on this site


Be it local markets or the international scenario, brands everywhere compete hard to stand out in the crowd. One of the best possible ways to try and inch a step forward and create a strong foothold in the minds of your targets is by showcasing a thoroughly creative yet to-the-point website with proper branding objectives. People often identify brands by their colours, services, overall image and professionalism and accordingly choose to be loyal to it, or not. Be it consumer goods or otherwise, good branding and a great website can help you create that much required foothold.

Now how do you brand a PR agency?! Making a website for an agency that ideally helps brand others is anything by easy. But the challenge is fascinating too.

At first, it’s all about understanding what your client is about. Once you know what they are about, it is that much easier to try and portray them through a sense of design and right colour – essentials of a good website. A company website has to be attractive yet informative enough to hold the target market’s interest for long at the end of the day.

I first focused on trying to pick a good design scheme that represented in one shot what the client could do for its targets. A door or window, seemed relevant in this state, at the end of the day, good branding opens the pathway to a plethora of options and success. The first step is always about implementing the right design, the rest simply follows in terms of content. Every website has to have that bit of basic information in place that you can’t play around with. What you can adapt is the design and colour to a large extent.

I chose simple colours that made the key design stand out. Basic light shades of green and purple. Branding is all about taste and distinctive collaboration. Colours that aren’t too loud or those that make the content hard to read were out of the question. If you play around too much with design and content, you land up with a confusing website. It is important to keep things simple, elegant and unique.

The challenge typically lay in trying to portray the public relations agency as a one-stop shop in a single frame. On hitting the website, that is what the client would want to tell its customers first. This is where a smart mix of the right words and design elements as well as placements came into play.
It was an interesting project in all, to be making a website for a branding agency that brands brands! A good challenge for this web designer in Cardiff.

Medical Web Site Design for a South Wales Client

Creating websites requires sustained effort and a lot of creativity. In addition to these basics, you need to have the ability to identify with the image of the industry your client represents. A web designer has to be creative enough to make a funky fashionable website for a boutique on one day and then a more formal toned website for a medical company or doctor on another. This is obviously subjective, its important as a designer I represent the colour, design, graphics and layout of a website meant for medical purposes.

When I was working on this business's website, the idea was to create a website that is rich in content, simple in design, yet interesting. Making a formal medical website is the usual way forward, but there is no rule against adding some colour and fun to the pictures and layout. How else would a target customer or potential patient feel good by reading the website?

I focused on using big size images as the main design for the web site cover page. The images showcased happy older people, which in one way represent the people that would ideally suffer from the medical problems the doctor in concern deals in. I used some happy family style portraits too, to indicate freedom from the pain of arthritis and related ailments, the main illness the doctor here focuses on. When you visit a website, especially one that offers a particular service, you would need to feel a sense of comfort in order to continue reading it.

Since the tone had to be more formal, I used basic shades of blue and white. It’s simple, easy to read and showcases a mature image. Blue is also comforting in many ways and also represents the medical sphere to a large extent. Since this was a more service oriented website that focused on healing people with medical conditions, it made sense to use a more content rich layout. Readers need to understand what the doctor is talking about, what he can offer them and related facts. Segregating the information under appropriate tabs was an important task. In a medical website, you have to be clear about what you want to say and how to say it. You cannot bore the reader but you cannot be too brief either. So, in a way, the website had to be content rich.

The main challenge was representing all of this is a creative yet formal manner. With the use of right colours, shades and placement, I think it worked out pretty fine. The site looks mature, reader friendly and is informative enough. Interested readers will after all need to seek appointments to follow through! I’m glad as a freelance designer in Cardiff I got to work on this.

Working on the design of the vintage home needs and lifestyle store was a real delight. Owing to the nature of the website, I needed to push my creativity to another level and come up with a design that had a very elegant vintage appeal, without looking boring or dull.
I have recently had numerous queries from people who want to know more about selling products online. The main benefit of selling online is that you can expand your reach beyond geographic boundaries. Furthermore, maintaining and operating an ecommerce portal is easier and more cost effective than a physical store.

Vintage website design

The client

The client is a seller of vintage goods online. The product catalogue includes cutlery, books, dressing table sets, jewellery, sewing materials and accessories, and several other products related to home and lifestyle.

Target customers

Target customers of the website are all those who like vintage products for their homes. The products are not very expensive and hence, cater to a wider section of consumers.

Design challenges

I don’t mind confessing that this is one of the most interesting projects I have handled.
The first, and the biggest challenge was to infuse a vintage appeal into the website. Secondly, the website needed a lot of work. For one, the client’s previous website did not have online selling features. So, a complete ecommerce portal had to be designed. The third challenge was to create a website that could help the client in their rebranding campaign.

The design

I spent a lot of time coming up with a layout plan and colour scheme. The objective was clear – to create a vintage appeal. So, after a lot of brainstorming, I finally came up with a layout that subtly reflects Victorian home interior theme.
Instead of using solid coloured background, I have used a typical vintage printed wallpaper style in a soft baby pink colour. This, by itself, creates an old-world charm to the site. Using a wallpaper serves another purpose. It creates a homely feel to the page, which is in tune with the type of products sold on the website.
The wallpaper pattern is used strategically on the page along with white spaces in order to make the page look spacious and pleasant. Furthermore, I have used a light grey floral printed border to enhance the vintage appeal.
If you notice, ornamentation of the page is purely vintage, be it the use of a wood nameplate suspended on a link chain, the simple detailing under the “Visit our Store” button or the images in the header section.
The heavy picture frame on the Home Page, which is used instead of the conventional slideshow has an old world charm as well.
The Home Page also has a prominent list of categories in order to simplify navigation on the site. The other pages of the website follow the same layout pattern. However, each page is customised as per its purpose. For example, in the product page, I have used pictures to depict categories.
Since the website is an e-commerce portal, I have included a user-friendly shopping cart. The check out process is easy too.
With its instant connection to vintage, the open and friendly feel, and functional features, this website helps in branding, customer engagement and easy selling.

The client says that it is perfect!

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When I received the project of designing a website for an accident repair centre, I was excited because I never had the opportunity to work on a website of this nature before. I am happy that I could meet the client’s expectations.

The client

The client is primarily a provider of repair services for vehicles involved in accidents. Additionally, the company also refurbishes alloy wheels and customises Volkswagen transporters and Vivaro vans. It is accredited by ATI and approved by Mazda and Hyundai.   

Target customers

The target customers of the company are car owners in general. More specifically, anybody whose car has been damaged in an accident can use the services of the company.

Design Challenges

The client’s old website was very basic. It simply had text on a white background. It was low on visual value as well as engagement value. So, I needed to completely refurbish the website and design a new portal that reflects trust, professionalism and reliability, while looking attractive and engaging.
I realised that the new website would also be instrumental in the company’s branding campaign. It was important to create the right impression of the company through the website.

Designing the website

The two things that I dealt with first were the colour scheme of the website and its layout. I decided to make the website look very clean and uncluttered without compromising on its professionalism and reliability factor. The final colour scheme was a combination of grey, white and deep navy blue.
The intention behind using metallic grey is to relate the colour to cars. The use of this colour is restricted to the slider on the home page. The rest of the background is done in pure white. The other predominant colour is navy blue. This colour symbolises dependability, solidarity and trust.
Visually, it offers a powerful contrast to both grey and white.
Grey is also a formal and professional colour. White makes a nice neutral background. On the whole, the colour scheme and the placement of colours on the page present a very balanced and powerful picture that makes visitors want to find out more about the business.
The layout is simple and neat. I have restricted ornamentation on all the pages. They provide the required information in a straightforward manner.
A unique thing that I tried out in this website was to use pictures instead of textual content in most of the pages. This theme is followed on the pages such as Home, Services, Gallery and Bespoke.
On the other pages, textual content is very brief and short. This concept makes it easy for visitors to grasp the real essence of the business. It also helps them browse through the pages quickly and see what the business actually looks like. The experience is almost like visiting the workshop personally. The client approved the concept since its engagement value as well as the visual value is very high.
For the About Us section, I decided to split the content into different pages. Since the client wanted the website to build trust among visitors, we created a separate page that provides brief biodata of the company’s core team.
The website has functional features such as drop down menu, contact form, Google maps integration and slideshow.
The client is happy and so am I!


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Working on the website of a Maintenance Outfit posed certain unique challenges and overcoming them added enormous value to my experience as a web designer.

What is the business about?

This Maintenance business is a company based in Cardiff. It provides total building maintenance services and boasts of a client base that includes hotel chains, retail outlets, large office blocks, nursing homes, industrial units, factories, football stadiums, leisure centres, hospitals and many others. In the eight years since its establishment, the company has grown tremendously and was named the 26th fastest growing company in Wales in the year 2011. The company has now expanded to Bristol region as well.

Target audience

The target audiences of my client are businesses and service organisations, as mentioned above.



The nature of business was a challenge because a website of this nature needs to imply a very high level of efficiency, professionalism, meticulousness and a no-nonsense image. The second challenge was to make it appealing to its diverse customer base.

Overcoming challenges

When customers visit a website of a business of this nature, they expect to see professionalism. They have no time for unnecessary frills that only add visual value to the website. Therefore, I chose a neat and clean layout with white and grey background highlighted by dark orange.

Grey is a stabilising colour and when used strategically, it makes the web page look formal, elegant, dependable and mature. White enhances these characteristics while simultaneously negating the drawbacks of grey because too much of grey can make the page look depressing. In order to add a dash of colour to the neutral colour theme, I used dark orange/red, a colour that indicates passion, aggression, determination and stimulation.

The colour theme remains constant in all the pages of the website. In fact, if you notice closely, I have used pictures that predominantly have these colours so as to make the website look very well coordinated and consistent. Although a visitor might not notice the matching colour theme, it does contribute tremendously to the overall homogeneity of the website and enhances its professional appeal.

Having established the colour theme, the next important consideration was the layout of the page. As you can see in the website, the layout of the home page is very simple, short and offers maximum information without having to scroll much at all. The objective of this presentation is to help visitors obtain information within a few seconds of their arrival on the page. Such a quality is crucial to business websites.
I have paid special attention to making the navigation very easy so that information is easy to get. In my experience, I have noticed that making information hard-to-get increases bounce rates tremendously in business websites.

Along with the home page, the website has five pages and each of these have sub pages. Each page provides detailed information about the respective heads. The website has several functional features such as content management system, drop down menu, custom slide show and contact form.

So, the choice of colours and the overall design of the website personify the ethics of my  design client – a meticulous, dependable and professional company that moves forward with determination and passion.

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As a passionate web designer, I always look forward to designing websites that present a certain level of challenge. The website for a Villa rental opportunity was a great experience. It is my pleasure to write a case study about this project.

What is it about?

The website was for the Villa, a luxury air conditioned villa available for rent in Sandy Ridge, Florida. The villa can comfortably be shared by two families. It is complete with five bedrooms, swimming pool, free wi-fi, electronic safe, games room, large flat screen television and lots of other features.

Target audience

The target audience of my design client are tourists and visitors from around the world in general and Americans and Canadians in particular. The age group would be between 30 and 60. The villa is not among the most affordable but can be afforded by upper-middle class and affluent families.


The main challenge was to make the villa look very attractive and inviting through the web pages, while making it suit the sensibilities of the target audiences. I had to design a site that could entice tourist to visit the villa. Another challenge was to infuse the character of the location and the villa into the website so that target audiences get a feel of what to expect when they visit the place.

Working on the website

Florida is known for its sunny weather, beaches and infinite fun. In order to infuse these elements into the website, I decided to use colours that reflect the character of the sea and sand. All pages of the website have a common background picture depicting the sea, the far away horizon and the beautiful yellow sunset. This typical sea scene of Florida runs as a common theme throughout the website.

The villa is pleasant, sunny, bright and sophisticated. So, to include these elements and to retain the Florida theme, I have used colours of the beach – light sandy brown and white, with blue highlights in the form of text bars and lettering. Since the design needs to appeal to the sensibilities of a wide range of target customers, I decided to use white generously in order to keep the pages neutral, clean and simple.

Designing the Home Page was a challenge because in addition to engaging visitors by its appearance, it had engage visitors by catering to their purpose of visit, which is to obtain in-depth information about the villa.

I planned the layout so that all important information about the villa, including the location, available amenities, attractive pictures, pictures of the nearby attractions, booking button, testimonials and reviews, contact information and important links are present on the home page without making it look crowded.

The website has six other internal pages that provide detailed information about various aspects of the villa. In a website like this, pictures play a very important role because they show visitors what they get. The client provided some great pictures of every room of the villa and the surroundings. This was great help for me since all I had to do was to use them strategically in suitable pages.

There is more to this website than what meets the eye. The website has a built-in content management system that helps easy uploading and editing of content. It also has a contact form.  

The website shaped up really well and the client was very happy with my job

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What the client said...

"We needed a new web-site to advertise a Villa we have in Florida as our old site was really looking tired.

Rhys came to visit us at home, took on board what we needed and came up with a web-site which we are really thrilled with.  The web-site is really professional and we feel confident that it will increase bookings for us.
Nothing was too much trouble for him to do and it was a pleasure to deal with him.  We also know that if we had a problem that Rhys is only on the other end of the phone to help us.

We would certainly recommend Rhys to anybody looking for a web-site to be created.


Hosting website design

IT has become a big part of all sorts of business practices. Communication, among other things is all digital now and companies have had to embrace it. Cloud hosting is one aspect of IT that has gained a lot of popularity. When looking for a cloud hosting service, you must make sure that they offer you the following qualities;

  • Resource Visibility
  • Rapid Elasticity
  • Tools and automation
  • On demand self service
  • Resource Pooling

A cloud hosting service that guarantees you the above qualities is more advantageous for your needs.
Cloud hosting is a concept that most companies and organizations engage in because it provide a lot of benefits. Cloud hosting provides easy access to information. Customers get the chance to access your services easily. This means that feedback is better. You also save up on costs because you require less human resources. Cloud hosting also allows for wider target market and audience. All people need is access to the internet and they can get all the information they need. It also provides more flexibility. You can choose to change service providers without worrying about people having issues. You just have to make sure that you get the best possible cloud hosting services. Seeing as you don’t require a lot of human resource, you spend less on training. The costs you save on personnel training can be used on other aspects of the business. Cloud hosting also gives you the chance to keep an eye on your projects. Monitoring of ongoing projects is essential and you have the chance to do that easily. Business practices are also more streamlined. This means that you increase productivity and profits without too many compromises. With cloud hosting, you can access your cloud, data anytime. It doesn’t matter where you are really or what time it is. This means that you can take care of business whenever you want to. This is why it is important to exercise caution when selecting a cloud hosting service provider.

This is why the website is a vital selling tool used by this company - this is how people search for local business and services. We spent a lot of time getting the correct message across to visitors. The informative brochure website explains alot of areas in order to convince a potential customer. Feel free to explore this project and get a feel for the brand developed for this company based in Bristol.

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Television Manufacturer work with local freelance designer

Having entertainment on the move is what everybody hopes for. When you are out on a road trip, you want to keep up with the news. You can also catch a movie when you get tired of watching the trees rush by through the window. Having a TV in your caravan can be just what you need. Getting a TV set that is suited for the outdoors is a dream come true for most people. You don’t have to worry about missing all your favorite shows just because you are out camping. You want to get your favorite channels when you need them. Getting a system that provides this for you is the best news. This means you can move from one place to another without having to worry about your entertainment news. You want a system that is able to withstand all the changes in weather outside. You want a TV that can withstand all the bumps in the road when travelling.

Just because you are not in the comfort of your home does not mean you can’t do the best with what you have. There are some people who are always on the move. They never get the chance to stay in the house even for a minute. These kind of people would appreciate having their entertainment needs taken care of. A TV that can withstand harsh weather is just what people like this need.  Living in the wild does not mean that you can’t keep up with the latest TV shows or news or sports. There is no excuse to let yourself get bored out there on the road. You can get a system that provides for your mobile life. A system that understands exactly what you need when you are travelling. Pimp up your caravan with LED and LCD screens are bound to change your travelling experience.

As you can see this company has a lot of passion for on the move televisions, this was converted in to a web format so the visitors can understand the quality associated with the high value items. The website project has a range of functions including slide show, television graphics, download centre, contact forms and many other features to help promote their brand.

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Largest Club in Wales gets an online make over

Hockey is one of the most exciting activity games that you can take up for your spare time. You could also take up the game as a fulltime engagement because apparently in England, there are ways you can earn a decent living by playing hockey. Just like most other activity games, hockey has been linked to several benefits ranging from retaining and maintaining health, social cohesion, team work and help players develop other qualities of life like sportsmanship, responsibilities and intellect.
Talking of health benefits, hockey has lots of short runs and rests, also known as interval training. Interval training is so important in enhancing cardiovascular performance as well help in burning excess calories associated with inactivity. On the other hand, when referring to hockey and social benefits, you realise that hockey is the game that really brings people together. There is solidarity among spectators when they come together to cheer their teams. Incase it does not involve a lot of spectators, the few players involved get really taken into the game and will often meet for a match and in the process tighten their social ties.
However, the challenge facing many hockey enthusiasts is how and where to start the game. There is a general lack of knowledge about where to meet other hockey fans around their areas. In case you are looking for somewhere to meet with your fellow hockey lovers, you should consider one of youth hockey clubs. These host numerous hockey events in Wales and around UK. These are excellent for post high school or college people who might have parted ways with their fellow hockey comrades after completion of their education. However, the same clubs still host high school students especially during tournaments. For those who have discovered the magic of hockey clubs in reviving their love for hockey can attest to the fact that hockey club is the best way to experience hockey for their social, physical and intellectual development.

When working with the club we needed to portray all aspects of the sports that the members know and love. All members join for many reasons so it was important to get all these areas across when visiting the website. The use of design and restructuring the site has encouraged a new use for members - whether it is checking fixtures, results, news or the next upcoming social event. The web design project was produced to the comittee and is now constantly being updated.

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Branding and Web presence for South Wales Therapist

Just like human beings, horses need proper care. Studies have shown that horses also experience stress and other related problems such as fatigue. You should always make sure that your horse is in good health. This is where massage therapy for your horse comes in handy. If you want your horse to give you better services, you have to make it happy. Remember, how you treat your horse determines the kind of relationship you will have with it. If your horse is frustrated, it will always give you a cold shoulder. Grooming your horse is very important because it enhances its performance.

With regular massage therapy, your horse will have well enhanced muscle tones, which are needed for better performance. With the right muscle tone, a horse will improve on its movement and flexibility. If your horse has an injury, you should take it for massage therapy because it helps to promote the healing process. When your horse is massaged properly, it will enjoy a smooth blood flow and an improved nutrient supply. Remember, it is important to ensure that your horse has strong muscles to help it offer better performance. For this to happen, the horse needs proper nutrient supply to the muscle. That is why regular massage therapy is very important.

Once there is a smooth flow of fluids in your horse, waste and other unnecessary metabolic by products will be carried away easily. Another important reason why you should give your horse regular massage therapy is that it will help to deal with inflammations and swellings in your horse’s joints. This in turn will help to prevent conditions such as joint pain. It is also important to give your horse this therapy because it helps to reduce muscle tension. This therapy also helps in balancing the horse’s body and enhancing homeostasis.  

As you can see their is a lot that needs to be accounted for, this is why a bespoke website design allows my client advertise their personality and services. The website has a range of features including a contact form and online gallery. This brochure website and branding has been produced for a new up and coming business based in Cardiff.

Various angles and pages of the design

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Have you ever been mesmerized by an untouchable house interior, one lined in smart wooden staircases and wooden finishing on windows, doors and such?

In such a case, you definitely dream about your own house interior looking something like that. However, as you move further to other areas and see more and more other creatively done house interiors, you widen your scope of what you really would like your own home interior to look like. In the process, you are gathering more ideas. In the end, you combine all those ideas to create one set of a grand idea. Now you want to present the idea to a designer who will simulate them. But as you set off to find a suitable designer to give the task, the reality dawns that may be it is not possible to get someone to make that dream come true for you.  

Our website design has been designed to cater for customer wanting to improve their homes, the concept portrays quality and highlights the experience and range of past projects. This was achieved through the use of a light box gallery, before and after demonstrations and many slideshows - all to create the sense of quality for my client.

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As one of Wales’s largest inline hockey team an online presence is important for the furture of the club. Having attracted a range of different aged players the website makes it easier to contact key contacts. The idea of the website concept is to maintain the high profile within the UK and allow the administrators to keep the website up to date with stats and fixtures.  Some of the website features include 

  • Dropdown menu
  • Slideshow
  • Mini Menu
  • Full page background layout

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An investor/founder having obtained exclusive rights to film university and community sports for male, female and disabled sportsman, required a brand and website as the platform for the businesses driving force.


Having put a design team together the following was delivered

  • Name
  • Brand
  • Website
  • Video System
  • Profile System

Tv channel web design


Features of the website include:

  • Moving Slideshow
  • News Ticker
  • Monthly Payment Direct Debit sign up
  • 6 Month Sign up
  • 12 Month sign up
  • Splash Video shown on homepage
  • Database of video
  • Search by Sport
  • Search by Keyword
  • Ability to create individual sports profiles

View the embedded image gallery online at:

The website project is an ongoing project

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Web project for tea room

Tea room website created for a new, up and coming hot drinks industry

A new company in the UK, providing chai tea for the public – the first tea house of its kind in Cardiff. The Owner who I have worked with on previous projects was happy to select Rhys Welsh Design to produce the website concept to provide an online presence for the new business.

Key features of the website

Some of  the design features built using the CMS system include a light box gallery to promote the business and a simple to use contact form for visitors to ask questions. A google map was introduced to help users with directions to the venue. The website was hosted on our dedicated server and mailboxes were set up for key members of staff

A year later, the business structure changed and an online function was added allowing the customers to make product purchases online at any point (see gallery below)

The purpose of the project

The website was created to be launched with the grand opening of the café. The other reasons for the site was to utilise online traffic, specifically directed from a niche magazine that will help increase sales and brand awareness.  The site is predominately going to be used for attracting hot drink lovers – easily accessed and used in conjunction with their evergrowing twitter network.

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