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Largest Club in Wales gets an online make over

Hockey is one of the most exciting activity games that you can take up for your spare time. You could also take up the game as a fulltime engagement because apparently in England, there are ways you can earn a decent living by playing hockey. Just like most other activity games, hockey has been linked to several benefits ranging from retaining and maintaining health, social cohesion, team work and help players develop other qualities of life like sportsmanship, responsibilities and intellect.
Talking of health benefits, hockey has lots of short runs and rests, also known as interval training. Interval training is so important in enhancing cardiovascular performance as well help in burning excess calories associated with inactivity. On the other hand, when referring to hockey and social benefits, you realise that hockey is the game that really brings people together. There is solidarity among spectators when they come together to cheer their teams. Incase it does not involve a lot of spectators, the few players involved get really taken into the game and will often meet for a match and in the process tighten their social ties.
However, the challenge facing many hockey enthusiasts is how and where to start the game. There is a general lack of knowledge about where to meet other hockey fans around their areas. In case you are looking for somewhere to meet with your fellow hockey lovers, you should consider one of youth hockey clubs. These host numerous hockey events in Wales and around UK. These are excellent for post high school or college people who might have parted ways with their fellow hockey comrades after completion of their education. However, the same clubs still host high school students especially during tournaments. For those who have discovered the magic of hockey clubs in reviving their love for hockey can attest to the fact that hockey club is the best way to experience hockey for their social, physical and intellectual development.

When working with the club we needed to portray all aspects of the sports that the members know and love. All members join for many reasons so it was important to get all these areas across when visiting the website. The use of design and restructuring the site has encouraged a new use for members - whether it is checking fixtures, results, news or the next upcoming social event. The web design project was produced to the comittee and is now constantly being updated.

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