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As a passionate web designer, I always look forward to designing websites that present a certain level of challenge. The website for a Villa rental opportunity was a great experience. It is my pleasure to write a case study about this project.

What is it about?

The website was for the Villa, a luxury air conditioned villa available for rent in Sandy Ridge, Florida. The villa can comfortably be shared by two families. It is complete with five bedrooms, swimming pool, free wi-fi, electronic safe, games room, large flat screen television and lots of other features.

Target audience

The target audience of my design client are tourists and visitors from around the world in general and Americans and Canadians in particular. The age group would be between 30 and 60. The villa is not among the most affordable but can be afforded by upper-middle class and affluent families.


The main challenge was to make the villa look very attractive and inviting through the web pages, while making it suit the sensibilities of the target audiences. I had to design a site that could entice tourist to visit the villa. Another challenge was to infuse the character of the location and the villa into the website so that target audiences get a feel of what to expect when they visit the place.

Working on the website

Florida is known for its sunny weather, beaches and infinite fun. In order to infuse these elements into the website, I decided to use colours that reflect the character of the sea and sand. All pages of the website have a common background picture depicting the sea, the far away horizon and the beautiful yellow sunset. This typical sea scene of Florida runs as a common theme throughout the website.

The villa is pleasant, sunny, bright and sophisticated. So, to include these elements and to retain the Florida theme, I have used colours of the beach – light sandy brown and white, with blue highlights in the form of text bars and lettering. Since the design needs to appeal to the sensibilities of a wide range of target customers, I decided to use white generously in order to keep the pages neutral, clean and simple.

Designing the Home Page was a challenge because in addition to engaging visitors by its appearance, it had engage visitors by catering to their purpose of visit, which is to obtain in-depth information about the villa.

I planned the layout so that all important information about the villa, including the location, available amenities, attractive pictures, pictures of the nearby attractions, booking button, testimonials and reviews, contact information and important links are present on the home page without making it look crowded.

The website has six other internal pages that provide detailed information about various aspects of the villa. In a website like this, pictures play a very important role because they show visitors what they get. The client provided some great pictures of every room of the villa and the surroundings. This was great help for me since all I had to do was to use them strategically in suitable pages.

There is more to this website than what meets the eye. The website has a built-in content management system that helps easy uploading and editing of content. It also has a contact form.  

The website shaped up really well and the client was very happy with my job

What the client said...

"We needed a new web-site to advertise a Villa we have in Florida as our old site was really looking tired.

Rhys came to visit us at home, took on board what we needed and came up with a web-site which we are really thrilled with.  The web-site is really professional and we feel confident that it will increase bookings for us.
Nothing was too much trouble for him to do and it was a pleasure to deal with him.  We also know that if we had a problem that Rhys is only on the other end of the phone to help us.

We would certainly recommend Rhys to anybody looking for a web-site to be created.


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