Web Design Cardiff - Case Study – Accident Repair Centre

When I received the project of designing a website for an accident repair centre, I was excited because I never had the opportunity to work on a website of this nature before. I am happy that I could meet the client’s expectations.

The client

The client is primarily a provider of repair services for vehicles involved in accidents. Additionally, the company also refurbishes alloy wheels and customises Volkswagen transporters and Vivaro vans. It is accredited by ATI and approved by Mazda and Hyundai.   

Target customers

The target customers of the company are car owners in general. More specifically, anybody whose car has been damaged in an accident can use the services of the company.

Design Challenges

The client’s old website was very basic. It simply had text on a white background. It was low on visual value as well as engagement value. So, I needed to completely refurbish the website and design a new portal that reflects trust, professionalism and reliability, while looking attractive and engaging.
I realised that the new website would also be instrumental in the company’s branding campaign. It was important to create the right impression of the company through the website.

Designing the website

The two things that I dealt with first were the colour scheme of the website and its layout. I decided to make the website look very clean and uncluttered without compromising on its professionalism and reliability factor. The final colour scheme was a combination of grey, white and deep navy blue.
The intention behind using metallic grey is to relate the colour to cars. The use of this colour is restricted to the slider on the home page. The rest of the background is done in pure white. The other predominant colour is navy blue. This colour symbolises dependability, solidarity and trust.
Visually, it offers a powerful contrast to both grey and white.
Grey is also a formal and professional colour. White makes a nice neutral background. On the whole, the colour scheme and the placement of colours on the page present a very balanced and powerful picture that makes visitors want to find out more about the business.
The layout is simple and neat. I have restricted ornamentation on all the pages. They provide the required information in a straightforward manner.
A unique thing that I tried out in this website was to use pictures instead of textual content in most of the pages. This theme is followed on the pages such as Home, Services, Gallery and Bespoke.
On the other pages, textual content is very brief and short. This concept makes it easy for visitors to grasp the real essence of the business. It also helps them browse through the pages quickly and see what the business actually looks like. The experience is almost like visiting the workshop personally. The client approved the concept since its engagement value as well as the visual value is very high.
For the About Us section, I decided to split the content into different pages. Since the client wanted the website to build trust among visitors, we created a separate page that provides brief biodata of the company’s core team.
The website has functional features such as drop down menu, contact form, Google maps integration and slideshow.
The client is happy and so am I!



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