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Be it local markets or the international scenario, brands everywhere compete hard to stand out in the crowd. One of the best possible ways to try and inch a step forward and create a strong foothold in the minds of your targets is by showcasing a thoroughly creative yet to-the-point website with proper branding objectives. People often identify brands by their colours, services, overall image and professionalism and accordingly choose to be loyal to it, or not. Be it consumer goods or otherwise, good branding and a great website can help you create that much required foothold.

Now how do you brand a PR agency?! Making a website for an agency that ideally helps brand others is anything by easy. But the challenge is fascinating too.

At first, it’s all about understanding what your client is about. Once you know what they are about, it is that much easier to try and portray them through a sense of design and right colour – essentials of a good website. A company website has to be attractive yet informative enough to hold the target market’s interest for long at the end of the day.

I first focused on trying to pick a good design scheme that represented in one shot what the client could do for its targets. A door or window, seemed relevant in this state, at the end of the day, good branding opens the pathway to a plethora of options and success. The first step is always about implementing the right design, the rest simply follows in terms of content. Every website has to have that bit of basic information in place that you can’t play around with. What you can adapt is the design and colour to a large extent.

I chose simple colours that made the key design stand out. Basic light shades of green and purple. Branding is all about taste and distinctive collaboration. Colours that aren’t too loud or those that make the content hard to read were out of the question. If you play around too much with design and content, you land up with a confusing website. It is important to keep things simple, elegant and unique.

The challenge typically lay in trying to portray the public relations agency as a one-stop shop in a single frame. On hitting the website, that is what the client would want to tell its customers first. This is where a smart mix of the right words and design elements as well as placements came into play.
It was an interesting project in all, to be making a website for a branding agency that brands brands! A good challenge for this web designer in Cardiff.

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