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The best part about being a web desig company in Cardiff is that you get to collaborate and work with some interesting clients for their web designing projects. It is always an interesting experience to understand a client and identify what he wants or how he wants to portray his business through web design. A website is pretty much a must in today’s time. You cannot thrive in the world of business which is largely digital today without a good web marketing and web design scheme. For Cardiff Aesthetics, here’s how I worked things out,

Why the Pretty Faces!

Well, Cardiff Aesthetics in simple terms makes you pretty! How else can a new reader online figure that out within seconds of reaching the website? Sure, the name is a dead giveaway but when it comes to selling a service or product – if you like what you see, you’ll be eager to go in for it, wouldn’t you? That’s why the home page has pretty images of people with well placed content that leads you to the other sections.

Blue Soothes

The content theme is blue or black in most places. Blue soothes. When it comes to aesthetics or cosmetic related surgeries– your content or site should soothe the client not scare them away. Everyone who has gone through improvement surgery will have their moments of doubt. So, I chose blue to go about things. Not only do the pretty faces welcome more people, the blue content helps make them read more about the services!

Why is Simple Essential

Every company will sport a website today. It is important not only to focus on making your website stand out, but also to make it work for you. A simple website where the content is well placed and the overall layout easy to access will win more clients over.
The more complicated the site gets, the faster a potential reader will ditch it and move onto the next site available. This is why the plain simple white background and bluish font became the overall theme of the website. It looks simple, makes the images of the clients or treatments stand out while also ensuring readers have a good feel when reading it.

What the Focus Was

You may want to change the way you look or fix something about you to feel good on the whole. Treatments offered by Cardiff Aesthetics helps clients achieve that. The focus on the site is on  what ‘better’ the company can do for you. This is why I focused on the Home Visits, the Treatment Description and related information on the first page itself.

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