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The request for development of a website for a personal trainer specialising in fitness for women who are planning to have babies or who are in the post-natal stage was an absolutely new territory for me even with my considerable experience as a web designer Cardiff. I am so glad that I was able to demonstrate a complete understanding of the client requirements as well as customer sensitivity in a subject that is completely personal.

The Client

The client is a qualified fitness professional and instructor for first aid administration. She is also a fully-insured member of the apex UK body, Register of Exercise Professionals. The client conducts fitness classes for mothers and babies, gym and juniors, core regain and blast, suspension training, body-tone, meta-hit, MMA for fitness as well as yoga for mothers. The target audience of the website is all women who are concerned about their general health and fitness levels before, during and after bearing children.

Design Challenges

The prime audience of the website comprised mothers-to-be and mothers who were likely to be seriously preoccupied with other issues that normally occur in households with expecting mother, newly-born or very young children. Accordingly, the design principles needed to revolve around easy page loading, simple layouts, and logical flow of information that addresses all the fundamental information requests in an intuitive manner.

Designing the Site

The site design incorporated attractive images and basic text that captures all the essential points of each service offer. The home page is an attractive medley of images that are selected to be attention grabbing and arousing interest about the website contents. All pages thereafter have been kept minimalist with the accent on delivery of vital information encapsulated as briefly as possible.

Accent on functionality

Pages are designed to load faster with restricted use of images. Images were carefully selected keeping the fitness and children environment in mind. The accent was on making the pages look very professional by keeping them simple and uncluttered. Each page is provided with a response device that makes it easy for interested customers to quickly send out an enquiry to the business owner.

Proper Information Structuring

As a leading web designer Cardiff, it was a challenge to properly classify the many activities and areas of expertise of the client without ending up confusing the website visitor. The home page itself features the various selections possible so that visitors with limited time on their hands do not have to read the entire contents of the website to figure out the various service offers. To add to the credibility factor of the clients a separate page has been dedicated to news.
While this not only demonstrates the commitment of the client to stay abreast of the developments and trends in the fitness industry, it also presents a warm and welcoming personality of the client to attract future business. I consider this website as one of the prominent success stories in my career as a web designer Cardiff.

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