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The client is an online business offering nutritional supplements that promote fitness and wellbeing. The website was also expected to work hard to educating the visitors in the potential benefits of the supplements and hence had to be extremely informative without being arcane. I welcomed the opportunity of building an e-commerce site because this would definitely be a feather in the cap in my career as a freelance designer Cardiff.

The Client

The client is in the business of supplying fitness supplements that increase the level of oxygen in the bloodstream, a process that yielded several benefits such as increased levels of energy, improvement in the breathing function, nutrient absorption as well as mental focus and alertness levels.
A regular consumption of the supplements also aided removal of free radicals, heart rate reduction, injury recovery, and increase in quality of blood, as well as improvement of the functioning of the bodily immune system.

Design Challenges

The biggest challenge of the website design was to look completely professional as this needed to appear scientific and grounded on rationality. Due to the nature of the subject, it was decided to stay away from the hype and the hoopla that was typically associated with products that promised the world but had little scientific basis to their claims.
Information was required to be presented logically and in an uncomplicated manner so as to be easily understood by common people who were concerned about their health and fitness.

Project implementation

Information provided by the client was logically sorted out in terms of what customers were most likely to be seeking. As a result, the home page had clickable buttons that lead them to pages dealing with the benefits of the products separately for fitness and wellbeing.

Individual pages were dedicated to each of the products and provided the details of the expected benefits accruing to the customers. This made it easy for them to select the most appropriate product for their individual needs. The e-commerce page was very simply laid out to prevent any buyer confusion.

Colour Schemes and Page Layouts

The page layouts were executed be an extension of the brand personality. The primary benefits we all listed upfront in easy-to-read fonts and language with an image of the relevant product. It was immensely gratifying that I, as a freelance designer Cardiff, was able to make the client appreciate the design approach. I am happy to report that the results were extremely satisfying and did justice to my reputation as a leading freelance designer Cardiff.

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