2. Customer Services

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the world’s biggest free marketing tool. It costs you ZERO to set up the relevant accounts and get interacting with customers straight away. Social media enables you to engage for free with your customers. It is easier for them to click on their mobile Facebook app and tap in a quick message than it is for them to pick up the phone or send an email. For both your own business and for ease of customer service then social media is key. You make your business reachable even when you’re technically not there.

3. Potential reach

Targeting a certain demographic is one of the main aims of a business. You know who your client base are and you know how to reach them. However, without a social media presence it will be extremely difficult to hit an audience outside of your ‘reachable’ demographic. For example, boosting a post on Facebook will allow you to reach thousands of people all over the UK(and the world if you wanted to). You can’t possibly do that in a static store or a one-page online webpage.

Social media platforms also enable you to utilise ‘tricks of the trade’ and reach people much closer to home. Geotagging allows you to search your location to find other people within the vicinity. It doesn’t just work for you – it works for your customer too!

4. Lead generation

Social media allows for the potential of unlimited lead generation facilities. Facebook uses specific algorithms that allow you to measure the amount of leads and potential leads that relate to your business. Interacting with potential clients and building relationships is the very first step to gaining new clients. A social media ‘presence’ will never be invaluable. If your products can be found online and through various social media streams then realistically your products and services are going to reach a lot more people. There are various techniques you can use to actively increase leads to your website or your business page.

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