What is GDPR?

GDPR is a new EU regulation that’s aimed at strengthening data protection for citizens of the European Union. GDPR is short for General Data Protection Regulation, which aims to change the way businesses capture, use and manage data. This regulation is aimed to give people more control over the information about them that can be captured and used.
Essentially, the regulation says that if you want to do business with people in the EU, you need to ensure you take care of their personal data.

How to Make My Website GDPR Compliant?

Step 1: Begin with a personal data audit to identify all personal data that you process.
Step 2: Document your policies & procedures for handling data. This will help you in demonstrating your compliance.
Step 3: Update the privacy statement on your site explaining the personal data you will collect and what’s it going to be used for. Keep it short and simple.
Step 4: Make sure that you have a legal justification for all data that you collect and process.
Step 5: Hire a Data Protection Officer who will take the responsibility for all data protection tasks.

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